Digital Security B2B.

UpSecure is our digital security product, where we carry out periodic reviews and reviews on customer solutions to ensure the safety of their projects. UpSecure members score 2.0 points for every dollar or real spent on our Membership Program.

Exclusive Solutions for

Total Protection of your Project

Periodic Checks

Part of the process is automated with our artificial intelligence, another part is verified and audited by a properly accredited human being.

Automation & Compliance

With UpSecure, verification and alerting processes are automated and constantly learning with our artificial intelligence. However, there is human auditing.

API Integration

There is an approved API that can be requested and properly integrated into your platform or internal sector. We will perform the configuration and report of measurements taken.

Advanced Encryption

Whatever your project, product or solution, UpSecure is ideal for you and for businesses that need protection and investigation of the current situation in a practical and certified way.

Main features

of UpSecure for You and Business


We identify and address digital security vulnerabilities

We offer our customers a solution hub with our UpSecure product, with various tools and an API for verification, solution and real-time monitoring with approval.

  • Research and Deepening: Do you need to focus on investigations over critical threats that can compromise your company's security? We have a complete API and we have expertise in combating digital fraud, with refined techniques adapted to you or your business.
  • Real Time Monitoring: With our follow-up, we were able to have an overview of the digital threat scenario to which it is subjected, relying on information by Big Data, identification of the contractor's data posting in information dumps, as well as, when possible, quick notification on planning and execution of attacks on the contractor.

Protection is available on any electronic device

Developing solutions that are prepared for various environments and scenarios is our specialty. With our UpSecure product, you will be assured of suitability and also dedicated support.

  • Solution with Maximum Urgency: Being as important as working to have a robust environment is having a company to trust if the worst happens. We have advanced knowledge of strategies to contain attacks and to restore environments to normal conditions.
  • Attack Identification: We also help our customers to identify the source of an attack and plan to make it difficult for the same type of incident to reoccur. For this, we use our artificial intelligence and APIs integrated with UpSecure in a totally safe and streamlined way.

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